“Ya oughta meet my daughta,” a traveling Miller tells the King of Strawtopia.  “She can spin your straw into gold!”  Trouble is… actually, she can’t.  But a rude little man with an odd name can do the task, so the Miller’s Daughter strikes a deal with him.  When the deal goes bad, it’s up to the Miller’s Daughter and her friends (rats who live in the castle cellar) to save the day.

The Cast of Characters includes: The Miller’s Daughter, Rumpelstiltskin, The King, Liza, Hubert, The Rat Sisters, and the Ensemble.

Songs: We Do It • Upstairs/Down • Ya Oughta Meet My Daughta • It’s Good To Be Queen! • It's Good To Be Mean • Teamwork • and Don’t You Just Love A Happy Ending?

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